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Dec 2, 2013 5:30pm PST
about privacy and safety loom large. >> the technology is ready now. the issue is that we have to figure out the safety issues. we have to deconflict air space, make sure things flying in the air space are safe. >> reporter: many government agencies have gotten the okay from the faa. firefighters at the rim fire for surveillance, and miami police use them to search for missing kids. >> the technology is real and the potential is real. so we'll spend the next few years working with the proper government agencies to make this -- turn this into a reality. >> reporter: while many are skeptical, many bet this won't be silence fiction for long. it may be years off, but no one disputes the technology would have been put to use today, cyber monday. amazon receives 300 orders each second of this day. >> janet shamlian at the amazon warehouse. they like to call it the fulfillment center outside of phoenix. thanks. >>> we have an update now on the website. it is now working better and faster as the white house promised it would by now. they say they know it is still far from perfect.
Dec 4, 2013 5:30pm PST
. >> the ntsb has pushed for technology fix, including videorecorders in train cab and positive automatic braking systems. over industry objections, it is set to be mandatory in two years. tonight the nypd and prosecutors are asking a difficult question. >> there is a collaborative effort to determine if in fact this rises to the level of criminality. >> reporter: whether falling asleep on the job is criminally negligent. >>> and we mentioned this at the top of the broadcast there's a massive rescue mission under way off the coast of florida to rescue dozens of stranded pilot whales. mark potter has a rate report from everglades national park. >> reporter: our journey to find the strapped whales began in the back country of the everglades national park where we sped through creeks and bays to get to the gulf of mexico. there in an area known as highland beach we came upon scientists and officials tending to a bunch of pilot whales. they were discovered tuesday afternoon by a fishing guide and scientists arrived to find 51 whales. >> some of those animals might stay with their ill pod mate
Dec 8, 2013 6:30pm EST
air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours. whether you sleep hot or cool, sleep number dual temp allows each of you to select your ideal temperature. so you can both sleep exactly the way you like, at your own perfect temperature. and there's only one ld you'll : a sleep number store, where this holiday season, the hottest sleep innovations make the coolest gifts, including sleep number dual temp. discover dual temp at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. visit to find a sleep number store near you. >>> mourners went to church services for a national day of prayer and reflection today in honor of former president nelson mandela. the country's current president joined in. we will have live reports starting next week. >>> d.c. government sources tell news 4 tonight that one dc parks and rec employee has been fired and a second placed on administrative leave. last week two young women told police they were raped inside inwilson aquatic complex. d.c. department of parks and recreation is reviewing which
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3